In this post, I will describe step by step how to contribute to the Ergativity Questionnaire, and more generally how to use this website as an author.

Registering and logging in

If you have not yet created an account, register for an account. By default, creating an account will allow you as a visitor to save answers to Questionnaire questions, but it will not allow you to write new content. Once you have created an account, contact the administrator (now mitcho) and ask to be made an “author.”

If you already have a login, you should log in. In general, “log in” and “register” links should be at the very top of the page when you visit the site and are not logged in.

Creating a new question

Once you have logged in, you should see a “new” link at the top of the screen. This is a menu, and there should be an option to create a new question.



You will be taken to an editor where you will enter a title. Otherwise, see “writing in the editor” below.

Editing an existing question

To edit an existing question, go to the question’s page and click on “Edit Question” at the top of the screen.


Now see the section “writing in the editor” below.

Writing in the editor

The editor has two modes, “visual” and “text,” which you can toggle in the top right corner of the editing box. “Text” means raw HTML. Either can be used. Here’s a picture of the editor:


Every Question description must have a line with the text “[answer]“. This will be where the interactive answer options will go.

Glossed examples can be written, using the Simple Interlinear Glosses plugin:


Open with [gloss]], enter words separated by spaces, then enter matching glosses on the next line, then end with [[/gloss]. Free translations go outside this formatting block.

Setting up answers

Each Question should set up a multiple-choice question. (More open-ended questions are not yet supported.) These answers are specified in the “Answers” box below the editor:


Each answer has a “value” and descriptive text. The text will be shown to visitors, whereas the “values” are used internally to guide visitors to appropriate questions. Do not change existing answer “values”!